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If Opiates, Alcohol, & Drugs was the Answer? Then What Was The Question in Your Life,
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The SRSC is a full-service drug and alcohol, life management systems coach and consulting provider. We offer a uniquely successful, revolutionary approach, providing services online through a smart phone, computer, or any device with Internet access. Our object is to identify the underlying cause of addictive behaviors, caring for the individual as we address the addiction.  Equipped to deal with a host of life's stressors including anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, we furnish subscribers with the tools to develop a spiritual focus that leads to a healthy lifestyle free of insurmountable, addictive triggers. 

Our accredited, Masters Level staff of Mental Health and Chemical Dependency professionals is ready to assist you and your loved ones through the stages of recovery. Employing a mentorship style of consulting, coaching and training our professionals rely upon a key ingredient in recovery success, which is a relationship. The staff deals with the entire course from early recovery to long-term sobriety presenting educational materials and the consulting necessary to embark upon the exit path and to maintain a life free from the struggles of addiction. Our goal is to eliminate the damaging, often histrionic behaviors that contribute to addictive behaviors thereby easing the burdens on self, family and community. 





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SRSC, Non-Profit, Spiritual Recovery Academy & Housing Program

We need support for development of more Houses to create this Spiritual Recovery Academy, on this  45,648 Sq Ft. Mother Nature's Home, inhabited also by natures small wonders; like, Blue Jays, Sparrows, Sightings of  Hawks, Humming Birds and Peace.

Learn about the vision of this spiritually focused 3 year drug and alcohol recovery campus and life-coaching facility. Together we can help in changing the lives of people in not only the Seattle area; but the nation.


SRSC Founder Alfred White

In May of 2004 I swallowed a ¼ ounce of Crack Cocaine with 5 baggies of Heroin in my sock in Bell Town and almost died before I Hollered Out to God, "I didn't want to Die Like This! then awoke paralyzed in Harborview Hospital. That’s when I made the decision to go to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, New Vision, Behavior Modification, Drug Addiction Treatment Program to seek treatment for 38 years of Addiction to Heroin, Crack, Cocaine, Crank, Meth,Opiates, Gambling and Alcohol Problems. Where, I stayed for 17 months and the following Bio is a description of my journey...

Richard St. Peter, Schick Shadel Hospital "Alfred was responsible for “the highest success rates in remaining clean and sober after treatment ever achieved during my tenure as CEO and Hospital Administrator.”


SRSC Resource Center

We have an extensive library of information, homework and handouts that is made available to assist our clients in their road to recovery, for the topics listed below. In our resource center you will find books, handouts, worksheets, articles, videos and much more information all geared towards understanding drug and alcohol addiction and the path towards recovery. Along with Consultations with me, via e-mail or video-conferencing to help you process the homework or books you study for the challenges you face below.

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Featured Book

Serenity: A Companion For Twelve Step Recovery

Contents Include:

An Introduction- That you have picked up Serenity probably means that you or someone you love is already involved in or considering joining a Twelve Step program of recovery. We embark on recovery as a means of seeking freedom from any one or more of a number of addictive agents. Addictive agents those persons or things on which we form an excessive dependency. The catalog of addictive agents includes:


Bill W. Founder of AA

Bill Wilson

The Founder of Alcoholic Anonymous

Bill Wilson, the Founder of Alcoholic Anonymous, traced his journey to sobriety through the Oxford Group. In November 1934, while he was still a practicing alcoholic, Bill was visited by an old friend, Ebby Thatcher, who had been restored to sobriety through the oxford Group. One month later, while in a hospital undergoing treatment for alcoholism, Bill was again visited by Mr. Thatcher, at which time the principles of the Group were explained.

Twenty years later, Bill Wilson described his conversion experience that night in this way...

Featured Author

Setting Up Your Healing Network

 “Talk doesn’t cook rice.” – Chinese proverb

Talk alone does not inscribe new hardwiring into our neural networks. Our emotions are in our bodies, as well as in our minds and hearts, and so is our balance. In order to restore emotional balance, we need to log the necessary hours in the presence of others who are experiencing balance and pleasure in their lives. Much healing takes place outside the clinic; we need to create a new design for living to create lasting change. Adding new relationships, as well as nourishing, creative, and physically enhancing activities such as hobbies, exercise, and relaxation, can help to reregulate a limbic system that talk alone cannot reach.

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