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Alfred White Bio

Alfred White Seattle's Recovery Support Center Addiction Drugs and Alcohol

Our innovative and convenient program was conceived, developed and launched by Alfred White, MA LMHCA. Mr. White brings a unique perspective to the issues of addiction recovery and spiritual and emotional sobriety. He is a fellow traveler.

In May 2004, in an effort to avoid an arrest, after being released 9 days prior for drug sales, Alfred White chewed and swallowed a quarter of an ounce of crack cocaine in the seedy Bell Town neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Days later he awakened toothless and paralyzed in intensive care at Harborview Hospital. Chewing and ingesting that volume of crack played havoc to his entire system and very nearly killed him. Gradually the paralysis subsided but the teeth, of course, never came back. The drug destroyed his gums is he chewed and swallowed on that fateful night in 2004. He often jokes that the police kept his teeth "as evidence." But they did!

As he began to recover, Mr. White, who is known fondly as "Alfred" to as many patients, friends in adherents was discharged to Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. It was there that Alfred embraced Spiritual Recovery seeking, at the age of 50, to reverse the patterns developed during 38-years of addiction to heroin, crack cocaine, meth and alcohol. He stayed at the Mission for seventeen months.


While at the Mission and voluntarily participating in long-term behavior modification and substance-abuse treatment programs, Alfred was advised that the drug possession charge would be resolved through either 18 months in jail or his participation in Drug Court. Mr. White chose the latter.

He begin studies at Seattle Central Community College taking all necessary foundational classes to pursue his passion to complete studies that would equip him to work professionally with other addicts in recovery. Alfred graduated from the Seattle Union Gospel Mission's New Vision Substance-Abuse Treatment Program and completed his obligation with the King County Drug Court in 2005. He earned Dean's List honors and graduated from the Seattle Central Community College in 2006 with a degree in Social Human Services and Chemical Dependency earning his CDPT. Alfred White's remarkable turnaround was featured is a front-page story in the June 15, 2006 issue of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He immediately enrolled in Evergreen State College, Tacoma where he would earn his BA in 2008 and was also approved by the State Department of Health to embark upon his CDP.

Also in 2006 Alfred White launched a non-profit named "Seattle's Recovery Support Center" In January 2007, he opened an office in a recently purchased five-bedroom home where he provided clean and sober housing for program participants. He worked for THS Methadone Treatment Center and later WAPAPISA, a treatment program for young adults in Seattle’s International District until 2008 when he was hired to work at the renowned Schick Shadel Hospital. Then in 2009 Alfred confined his focus to Schick Shadel where he had become the hospital's Continuing Care Program Manager.  That year he earned eight, Innovation & Improvement Awards and won a coveted Patient Care Service of the Year Award for 2009.

In 2010 Alfred White enrolled in the faith evangelical seminary in Tacoma where he in June of 2013 earned a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry Counseling with an emphasis on Mental Health Counseling and became a LMHCA.

In the interim, prior to launch of this program, Alfred White has served as a motivational speaker presenting to venues including the Million-Dollar Fund Raiser for Seattle's Union Gospel Mission and various court related drug and alcohol programs throughout the Northwest. 


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