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With Alfred as guidance, you simply cant go wrong. If you listen to him, then take his advice and make it a practicing part of your daily routine, you'll turn his knowledge into the wisdom you need to move forward to a healthy and happier life. I know because i did it and i have him to thank for being there when I needed guidance the most.

Philip Glover


If you are looking for a no nonsense," tell it like it is" addiction counselor with a big, loving heart, go no further than Alfred White.  I had the pleasure of working with Alfred and observing his unique counseling skills when we worked together at Schick Shadel Hospital in Seattle.  The trust and love he was given by then current and former patients was overwhelming and much deserved. Why?  Because he had walked in their footsteps before and was able to successfully , with a combination of firmness and love, set a straight path for their recovery.  Alfred knows what the addicted need to hear, and there is no better communicator than Alfred White out there to deliver the message.


James P. Graham

Former Chairman and President

Schick Shadel Hospital


It is my pleasure and honor to offer my endorsement of Alfred White. I credit him as providing the substantial influence and instruction that has left me healthy, reasonably happy and sober since I first engaged
with Him as an inpatient Counselor & our Cont
inuing Care Program Manager
at Schick Shadel Hospital in Seattle nearly ten years ago. 

Through several individual sessions and through
attending his classes I experienced, first hand, Alfred's remarkable
insight and understanding that helped me to cut through the fog of my
self deceptions and to identify the spiritual and emotional issues
that deprived me of meaningful sobriety. Once identified, Alfred
equipped me with the tools necessary to address and deal with these
impediments. I participated for two years in the highly touted After
Care Program that Alfred administered and have since remained a
frequent correspondent of his. 

I am happy to count him as one of my lasting friends. He is an excellent speaker 
and a true student of 
the human condition. Alfred White is one of the most loving, compassionate
and understanding men that I have had the good fortune to meet.

Kevin Anderson
St. Joseph, Michigan


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