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Coping Documents


  • The SEA's Program
    • SEA's Self-Esteem Personal Inventory
    • SEA's Model of Self-Esteem
    • SEA's Tools for Recovery
    • SEA's Tools for a Lifestyle of Recovery
    • SEA's 12 Step Guide
    • The Eclectic Structural Brief Therapy Model (ESBT) A Therapeutic Use of the Tools for Coping Series and Website






Please Donate to SRSC's Drug and Alcohol Recovery Home

SRSC, Non-Profit, Spiritual Recovery Academy & Housing Program

We need support for development of more Houses to create this Spiritual Recovery Academy, on this  45,648 Sq Ft. Mother Nature's Home, inhabited also by natures small wonders; like, Blue Jays, Sparrows, Sightings of  Hawks, Humming Birds and Peace.

Learn about the vision of this spiritually focused 3 year drug and alcohol recovery campus and life-coaching facility. Together we can help in changing the lives of people in not only the Seattle area; but the nation.


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